What Caused The Russian Revolution

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“One man with a gun can control 100 without one . . . make mass searches and hold executions for found arms.”- Joseph Stalin. The means of the Russian revolution were not the right way to dictate people or a “correct” way to hold those responsible. However, the results were able to justify the actions that were taken during the revolution. The Russian revolution was provoked by many civilians in Russia who were in unrest. The majority of households prior to the revolution could not afford to feed their families without going into debt and becoming poor. During this time the peasant population was rising significantly leaving very few jobs and many out of work; fewer and fewer people had the ability to purchase basic necessities. Prior to the…show more content…
There was a vast improvement for all of the citizens in both Russia and those in numerous other countries around the world. Even though there was devastation from the revolution, people were better off. The results of creating a government without chaos, increasing the number of people attaining a higher education and reading, and creating an economic plan that resulted in more jobs is evidence of this success. Russia is now a world power, the Soviet Union won World War 2 for the Allies and now have a large say in solution for problems that arise in the world. They were only able to obtain these accomplishments through their success in becoming the Soviet Union. Russia would not have been able to accomplish what they have pre-revolution. The Russian Revolution was an example of how the ends justify the means and the fight is never over. “One man with a gun can control 100 . . .”, it may not be the best way to control people’s actions, however, usually it will get the job done quicker. Even if the aftermath of the Russian revolution was not a result of a peaceful occurrence, it still brought light to a torturous era for many
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