Joseph Strorm Character Analysis Essay

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The Radicalized Mind Joesph Strorm is a loyal brute, an extremist. He is an unwavering leader to Waknuk and the Repentances. He would sacrifice anything for his religion. Joseph is the kind of character that will do what he believes in with asking anyone one else. He is very cantankerous and hard to deal with and is a huge threat to David. Firstly, Joseph can be very dangerous because he will punish anyone, no matter who, especially those who go against the repentances, including his only son David. Furthermore, Joseph does many things to sustain the well being of his religion but he consistently goes overboard and makes decisions based on his gut without asking for anyone else’s opinion. Additionally, Joseph Strorm is an unquestionably complicated character and gets into many arguments based on his beliefs. “‘any government that could pass creatures like that is corrupt and immortal,’ my father announced. ‘possibly,’ admitted the inspector, ‘but it’s still the government’” (Wyndham 36). Ultimately, Joseph Strorm is demanding, devoted and can be ill-tempered on many levels. He makes everything…show more content…
After all he is the largest landowner in Waknuk and the magistrate for the people, making him well known all throughout Waknuk and the outside world. If David were to run away, Joseph would send people after him and if they were to catch him, they would question him and become immensely wary of him. Joseph puts all his faith on to the Repentance’s and will do anything to make sure that is the one, true religion: My father’s faith was bred into his bones, his principles were his sinews, and both responded to a mind richly stored with examples from the Bible, and from the Nicholson’s Repentances. In faith father and son were at one; the difference between them was only in approach; the evangelical flash did not appear in my father’s eye his virtue was more legalistic (Wyndham
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