Josephine Baker: A Short Biography Of Freda Josephine Baker

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Freda Josephine McDonald also known as Josephine Baker was a star and hero. Baker had a rough start to her life but those obstacles didn’t hold her back from obtaining success. Baker had major achievements for a black woman during her time. She was a big influence during the Jazz age. Baker can remembered as an outstanding dancer and a civil rights activist who paved the way for African American women. June 3, 1906, in St. Louis,Carrie McDonald and Eddie Carson brought a new life into the world . Baker had made herself famous, but it all had to start somewhere. Josephine had a rough childhood. Baker grew up without a father and lived in poverty. At the age of 8 she was no longer in school, she had to help support her family. At the time she started working as a maid. At…show more content…
She refused to perform for segregated audiences. The end result of her refusing would sometimes force the owner to integrate shows.She devoted the rest of her life to the civil rights movement. She spoke at the March in Washington on August 28, 1963-an event that brought together civil rights groups and leaders to support the passage of civil rights legislation. Few women were rewarded with that opportunity, but Baker was recognized for her acts. Baker continued to fight racial injustices into the 1970s. Her personal life was a testament to her political agenda. Throughout her career, she adopted 13 children from multiple countries. She called her family “the rainbow tribe” and took her children on the road in an effort to show that racial and cultural harmony could exist. Baker remained on stage late into her life and in 1975 she performed for the last time. The show was sold out and she received a standing ovation. Baker couldn’t do anything but cry, she was filled with so much joy. Baker was considered a true character. She was very significant to the Jazz

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