Josh Cyganik Case

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Out of the goodness of his heart, Josh Cyganik wanted to put on a fresh coat of paint to Leonard Bullock 's old house in Pendleton, Oregon after he heard two teenage boys saying it was crappy enough to be burned down.

The 35-year-old railroad track inspector thought that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, especially the likes of a 75-year-old man who simply may not have sufficient resources to make his humble abode look brand new once again.

Thus, Cyganik took it upon himself to help Bullock in giving his home a makeover.

On July 18th, for the first time after only waving at Bullock for four years whenever he passes by the run-down property, Cyganik finally got a chance to talk to him about the plan. Bullock, according to Cyganik, was beyond thrilled about the thoughtful idea.
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It was also through the same post that Cyganik asked any willing soul to spend a little of their time in painting.

Proving that there really is still so much good in this world, Cyganik 's call for help was received astoundingly. He shared that he stopped counting at 95 volunteers, who all showed up in high spirits and ready to lend a helping hand. To much surprise, Cyganik also noted that the army of volunteers comprised of individuals coming from as far as California, Texas, and Washington.

In a report by Daily Mail UK, Cyganik revealed that even Starbucks reached out by donating six gallons of water and iced tea for the volunteer team.

Although Cyganik appreciates being tagged as a hero, he expressed that he was merely acting upon something that bothered him because he was brought up in a family that puts premium on respecting the elderly. Now, he said, Bullock can feel good sitting on his porch for the remaining years of his
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