Josh Dinsmore: The Great Firefighter

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Josh Dinsmore: Firefighter
The Great Fire of London in 1666 created the jumpstart to fire sciences and firefighting. This outrageous fire lead to the formation of the world’s first fire insurance company, which allowed buildings with a fire mark to be protected against fires, rather than being burned to the ground. As the years passed, fires became more of a problem and something else had to be done. Therefore,
Benjamin Franklin organized the first formal volunteer fire company in 1736, which then evolved to paid fire programs and the development of fire technologies. Since then, fire fighting has undergone many new developments and created the standard protection that we have today. Josh Dinsmore, my uncle, is a fireman in today’s times and is also involved in other
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Early firefighting apparatus included: the Siphon which could propel a jet of water, the invention of the Steam Engine allowed less men to operate the hand pumps, the evolution of the fire truck changed drastically throughout the years. All of the technology we use now are so much more efficient and allows our fire fighters to fight against fires at their greatest potential.
Josh has been able to experience many things being a fireman. He has seen several different types of accidents and house fires. Their unit responds to a lot of car wrecks of off highway 575, which are either mild or deadly accidents. He said
overall between both stations, eighty percent are medical calls. He said,
“sometimes you see things that will never leave your mind and you constantly are seeing those images”. After sharing all this information with me, Josh wanted to just add some quick facts to better my knowledge of fire fighting. He informed me that, Pre- Incident planning crews go out once year to do planning around the city. There are several hydrant units that are flow tested once a year and have a color code system

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