Josh Pachter's Invitation To A Murder

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“Invitation to a Murder” Essay As the author of “Invitation to a murder” portrays a suspenseful tone during the story, Josh Pachter creates many situational ironies throughout the story. The setting of the story is on the evening of December 16th, 1971, at Eleanor Madeline Abbot’s home. The short story begins when Chief Inspector Lawrence A. Branigan received a letter inviting him to the murder of Eleanor Madeline Abbot’s husband, Gregory Eliot Abbot. Branigan decided to go to the event. When Branigan Arrived at the event, he realized that there were eleven other men present. As he scanned through the crowd of men, he recognized the men as other well-known detectives. With that in mind, he sat in the empty chair of the twelve chairs that had been placed there. Across from them, he saw Gregory Abbot motionless on the bed and …show more content…

Abbot guarded in the chair, other men started to get up and look around the room. Eleanor Madeline Abbot attempted to go over to the table yet again, and miserably failed. The time was running out and the men were not sure what to do. They realized there was no way for Eleanor to acquire the bottle when all the men were standing right there. Just barely one minute before the deadline, Gregory had died. The climax of the short story was how Gregory had died. The men burst out in outrage, fore they did not understand how Gregory had died. Eleanor calmed everyone down and explained to them how she had pulled off the murder. The amber bottle of poison was Gregory’s medication for his heart. From the accident, she had to give him to keep him alive, she explained to them. Additionally, she had tried to give it to him three times, but each time the men had stopped her. They had stopped her, because they assumed the bottle was poison to Gregory. What they did not know was that the bottle was poisonous to everyone except Gregory. Eleanor attempted to pin the murder on the men, because they stopped her from letting her give him the

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