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This kids name is Josh Smith. He is swimming in a mud hole. He always swims in mud holes. His first time ever swimming was in a mud hole that 's where he learned how to swim. Josh is a very talented kid he goes to Yorktown high school he has a 3.7 gpa he plays 3 sports football, baseball, and wrestling. He looks really young in the picture but he is actually 16 years old. Josh is also very strong he bench presses 210 and squats 370. He starts on the Varsity lineup he played running back. He averages 52.2 yards a game. The reason today why he is swimming in a mudhole is because he got new pigs and he wanted to take a dive with the pigs. He lives in Yorktown but the mudhole is located in Alexandria. He drives his 1978 Nova to the mudhole. He also…show more content…
He loves everybody and is a firm believer in Christianity. He is a strong church member he never misses a day of church. He has a lot of friends and they are always playing basketball at the court down the road when Josh isn 't swimming in a mudhole. Sometimes I wonder if the mudhole helps him in any way like if we took it away what would happen? Would he go back to being angry all the time or would he be the same. He will be turning 17 here in about 2 months so a lot 2 of new things are going to be coming his way such as college opportunities new job opportunities etc. He is very excited to be turning 17 so he can get his license and be able to drive friends around. Once he grows up he wants to build a huge house around the mudhole and be able to raise his kids and get them to like the mudhoe. Josh also can put down some food. He eats like a hog. I wonder if he gets it from swimming in a mudhole with pigs all day long. You might think now that he is a fat dude because he eats a lot but you are wrong he is a very skinny young man he weighs about 185 and he is 6’2. That means he can squat 2 his weight and he can bench over his weight! Have a good

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