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Faith: There is a lot of faith in the movie because Josh Wheeten is a boy that believes in God and a person is trying to convince him to not be christian but the kid is fighting back but there are other people that have other stories that are sometimes sad stories because other people die.

In the writing style of Classical Antiquity and tecognize the cardinal virtues along with the theological virtues and the Christian tradition.

Prudence is described as wisdom in the ability to judge between the actions with interest to ride actions at age given time.

Justice is the fairness virtue

Temperance is known as restrain, self control, abstention and moderation.

Courage is the virtue of endurance, the capacity to confront fear, and doubt and intimidation

Justice is represented
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Is protected and rewarded and every opponent defeated. In the allegory of the Christian life.

The newsboys concert served as kind of symbolic Immantization of heaven in which believers are repaid with euphoric springs.

Ayisha, one Christian character faces a cruel cost, she is kicked out of her house. Mina who is married to the proffesor finally has enough of his abuse and brake up with him.

Gods not dead I think is a variation of the narrative David and Goliath. It shows the frustrations of Christians over what they see and the increasingly hostile public.

If you think about this movie from a rational point, you can see that romantic relationships are incompatible with believe in God unless you are the professor, in which ease, trumps in faith in God and you 're marriage is inpenetrable. I want to love God and I want to love my parents. I think that is the way God want it to be each virtue was given an example.

My God’s not dead, he’s surely alive, he’s surely alive, He’s live in the inside. Roaring a lion, lion and earth he is living in the inside.
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