Joshua Allred: A Short Story

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Joshua Allred was the average 16 year old man child. He had loving parents and siblings that meant the world to him, he was as happy as could be. The only thing that filled Joshua with anger and envy was his bestest friend Jonah had long luscious locks of golden hair, that he desired more than anything else. One day while Joshua was attempting to tame his wild afro he got thinking “Hmm, how can I get my not so long and luscious afro to be nice nice long and luscious hair” And then it hit him!!!! Drugs!!!!! Off Joshua went into the large city of Modena in his search. There was a slumped over figure over by one of the largest skyscrapers in all of Modena. “YO DAWGGGGGGGGG!” Joshua yelled. “Ya got any of ‘dem good psychedelics that will…show more content…
He thought to himself sadly “Why… Why me…. Why does Jonah get the golden locks of Rapunzel….. It’s not fair…” And then he felt a sharp pain in his head, he heard his flesh tearing on the top of his head, and then pop. His afro had detached itself and ran out of the house. “Gafehjehrfjshfkersjgvhs” Josh screamed in agony. From outside he heard explosions and screams of pure terror. Then it all became clear, he knew what had happened. The afros true name was Clarice Prinston the 3rd, in the 17th century Clarice was burnt because he accidentally ate all the orphans, his ashes were made into the psychedelics he had taken, it all made perfect sense. The afro began to grow in the city, becoming bigger than any other structure in it. Joshua knew what had to be done, he left in search of the luscious golden locks he had desired. Joshua entered Jonah’s home, “Billy!” Joshed yelled, Jonah replied “Sup ma main homie Hashmeal” “I’m so sorry…. I don’t want to do this” Josh cried, as he tied Jonah down and began to cut. Josh had made a wig from the locks, and as he left the house, he lit a match sending it up in
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