Joshua Chamberlain's Speech During The Civil War

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Have you heard the famous speech by Joshua Chamberlain that convinced 114 mutineers to rejoin the fight for freedom. Some have said that it was the speech that changed the entire Civil War. Chamberlain is well known for his courage when he led the 20th Maine regiment that fought in the Battle of Gettysburg. The 20th regiment gaining the mutineers gave the North momentum which could’ve been the turning point in the Civil War. Throughout analyzing the speech the reader can tell that the speech was genuine and inspirational which are words that you usually don’t associate with war. Throughout speaking to the mutineers, Chamberlain reveals many traits about his character. The first thing that people consider Joshua Chamberlain as is a fair person. Shaara states, “If you don’t join us you’ll come under guard. When this is over, I’ll see that you get fair treatment” (8). Chamberlain is also generous. The author states, ‘“When was the last time you ate?’ Heads came up. There was no answer.…show more content…
One of the advantages of watching the speech in the movie is that the reader can see the expressions and tones of the characters that are shown in the movie, but when reading the book the reader can’t see the characters’ expressions. Although the movie has advantages to watching it also has some disadvantages too. A disadvantage is that the movie is that things are changed or left out, but when you read the book you get the full and original story. While reading the book the reader will probably notice that things are much better explained, but when you watch the movie things are left out. When you read the book you understand what is happening more. Nevertheless the book has disadvantages too. The disadvantage to reading the book is that you have to imagine what the characters are doing. Meanwhile when the reader watches the movie then he/she can see exactly what is
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