Joshua Limited Case Study Risk Management

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1. Introduction
Joshua Limited is an SME company that has been successful in designing and supplying baby clothing since 2008. Various companies including small and large retail outlets have built Joshua Limited’s success. Joshua Limited has since been trading from one principal warehouse of 24,000 square meters that houses the company’s offices. The following personnel are employed: one general manager, two assistant managers, six administration staff, eight sales staff, and four warehouse staff. The company outsources their distribution activities.
The company acquired a bigger space of 40,000 square meters in a new building as part of an expansion strategy. This was necessitated by the growing demand for children clothing. The demand would not be met effectively while operating from limited space of 24,000 square metres. The current staffing structure will be maintained even in the
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Risk management skills are thus an important aspect in scaling down the chances and magnitudes of project adversities. Perhaps the most important aspect of risk management is the ability to maximise the likelihood and values of the favourable outcomes of the project. The processes that fall pertinent to project risk management are risk management planning, identification of risk, analysis risk qualitatively and quantitatively, risk reaction planning, monitoring, and control. In light of the above activities, the project manager is expected to be more successful if they possessed planning and organisational skills, technical skills, and ability to resolve problems in their entirety. These skills are highly appraised in the risk assessment theory (Stulz, 1996; Mikes and Kaplan, 2013). Imperatively, the project manager is expected to have superior understanding of Joshua Limited in order to objectively assess the risk of the company’s

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