Jossey Menswear Case Study

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Jossey Menswear (Jossey) is a successful, long-established and stylish clothing retailer in the mid-range fashion sector. Previously, Jossey relies on predicting the fashion trends and the products demand for each size. In recent years, the company’s implement the Quick response (QR) supply chain management in order to save working capital and have a quickly response to the reality of season’s sales pattern rather than forecasts only (Johnston, 2003).

The essay will first discuss the significance of QR approach in improving the company’s supply chain performance, then analyze why the Cornwall plant’s approaches were appropriate and explain why “improve cloth suppliers’ responsiveness” is the worth pursuing action at last.

QR approach
The purposes of QR are shortening lead time in manufacturing process, owning the ability to adjust orders and having the right product in the right place at the right time because of the better demand information (Iyer & Bergen). Suri (1998) realizes the four benefits of QR approach, which are higher gross margins, less inventory, higher sales due to higher full rates and lower manufacturing costs.

The conception of QR is especially significant in apparel industry and many clothing retailers implement QR strategies to ameliorate the supply chain performance (Ko et al., 2000). Choosing the right cloth for each style is important but difficult as it contains the possibility of making the wrong decision and suffering losses
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