Journal Entry 1869: Hard To Travel West

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Journal Entry 1869. By: Sophie Osmani September 28th, 1869: As a 15 year old, its hard to travel west. With barely any money. But I have to do it. No matter how many challenges I will face. Its currently 5:55 AM. I have to leave right at dawn to get as much sunlight as possible. Our journey. starts in Virginia. A long journey ahead of me. I join a wagon with my good friend Rose. We finally start our journey to the west. 3 hours later, we got a little hungry so we stopped to eat a few berries on a bush. After that, Rose is feeling sick. Very sick. Barley breathing actually. It was caused by dehydration. A few hours later sadly, Rose passed away. I was devastated. I was very emotional and I didn 't know what to do. She was a great
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