Journal Entry To Help With The Underground Railroad

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Journal Entry #1: I, Alice Smith, help with the Underground Railroad. I am a free slave who paid her way to freedom. I work to help slaves, who want a better life. The Underground Railroad (UGRR) is a route of houses or places that help slaves runaway to the North. This is our reform movement, besides this, there are Women’s Rights Movements, Prison Reforms, and Education Reforms. I believe in equal rights for all men, woman, black, and white. We need to fix our country, and I am going to help. I am an abolitionist, someone who wants to get rid of slavery, I too was a slave. I can’t stand being unequal, and I have more rights than they do. Equality is for all humans, not just white males.

Journal Entry #2 Our nation is still deeply divided on the topic of slaves. I want to be apart of helping abolish slavery. Monthly I help hundreds of slaves escape to the North. I live in lower Philadelphia and am one of the final passes to freedom. If anyone ever caught my husband and I, we would be killed. If we die, we will know that we helped
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She also helped runaways escape through the same way. She later went down to Maryland and helped her family, and others, escape to freedom. What an inspiration, and icon. She wasn’t violent she wasn’t meak, she was sneaky and courageous. I am proud to say that I helped Harriet Tubman escape. I don’t remember all the people I helped, but I remember some of the stories. I heard stories that many slave owners took slave women and had sexual liberties with them. Others had stories of whippings, hanging, burning, beating, mutilation, imprisonment, and branding. Some owners asserted dominance by doing these things to assert dominance for no reason. I heard some soul crushing stories about how owners were trying to break their spirits. Yet, all of them had the courage to leave, runaway, to find a new and better life. We still help many slaves
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