Journalism And Journalism: The Aspects Of A Journalism

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What is a journalist?

A reporter or journalist is a professional who gathers news on current events of general interest, which examines these facts or analyses and publishes about it in media (news). This activity is called journalism, a word derived from the French 'journal ', meaning diary or journal later. A journalist is often seen as the practitioner of a profession, that is, he or she often works from a deeper motivation that is independent of a direct appointment or assignment, similar to that from a doctor or priest.

Journalism is a competitive field, yet highly rewarding. To be successful as a journalist, you must have a passion for truth and honesty and the nerve to go out and get the story. Keep on reading and learn how to get there.

What does a journalist really do?

•Process information. Journalists are real gluttons information. In many cases the news is provided via news agencies. Based on press releases you may decide to publish something about a subject.
•Conducting research. Study thoroughly the subjects you tackle. You consult experts (often by telephone) and goes out to investigate matters. As a journalist you decide include what the new value of topics.
Making contacts. For example, you approach people for interviews or information.
Write. As a journalist, you write texts, make up your heads and make your captions to photos. When you work for radio or television, you will contribute in audio-visual form, such as an item.
The news followed. As a

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