Journalism Reflection Papers

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What do you hope to gain by taking this course? (250-400 words)

By taking Journalism, I hope to gain a better understanding of how a newspaper runs and the various aspects that go into creating each issue. I find every part of the paper interesting, including reporting, writing articles, editing, photography, formatting the layout, and business management, and how producing the paper draws such different disciplines together. Many elective classes offered isolate and focus on one or two of these skills, but their combination is important in bringing a newspaper together as a whole, and I believe I could learn much about these areas and how they coincide. In particular, I have always enjoyed writing, and would love to explore a new style, since journalism is unique in the way that it is unlike most analytical or creative writing we practice in English classes. Not only would I love to join a community and work with others who have similar interests as me, but reporting is also a way to learn more about the diverse group of people at the high school, each with their own talents and opinions, which I would approach from a new perspective--that of a journalist. As a typically quiet and reserved person, I would enjoy having the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, meet and interact with new individuals who surround me. Participating in the Sagamore would be a valuable opportunity for me to learn a variety of skills, further my writing abilities, and work with classmates
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