Journalistic Values In Mass Media

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In some mass media, like newspaper and magazines, there tends to be many media and political bias. The media sociologist Herbert Gans found eight representative value are exhibited in the stories that he studied. The values are: “ethnocentrism, altruistic democracy, responsible capitalism, small-town pastoralism, individualism, moderatism, social order, and leadership” (Hanson 45). This essay will mainly discuss four values of them through five stories. I believe these journalistic values could help people to understand some biases in these media and improve people’s abilities of critical thinking. However, the journalistic values from Gan are about the western media and there are also some important journalistic values which is different from Gan’s journalistic values in China. In this essay, two of them will be presented by illustrating with some examples. To begin with, I believe this story from the front page of the newspaper about a remark that Xi made at a symposium on 30th August with representatives of non-Communist parties fits the journalistic value of leadership. In the leadership value, Gan thought the media tends to look at the actions of a leader and focus on the difference that one person could make (Hanson 46). In this symposium “president Xi Jinping called on the country’s non-Communist parties to make joint efforts with the Communist Party of China to work toward the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” (An 1). Xi also led all the representatives to

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