Journey In Finding Dory

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In Finding Dory, the main character, Dory, has a goal to find her long-lost parents. At the end of movie she does so and is happy for it. However, it was not just the drive for success that got her there and shaped her into the brave fish she is at the end. But, it is the journey in which she endures struggles and hardships to learn more about herself and her friends, that makes Dory truly happy in the end. Having a goal means growing throughout the journey to meet your goal, therefore, the journey is the most essential part.
The journey helps one develop as a person. In the Wizard of Oz, a long-acclaimed classic, each of the character wants something. The tin man wants a heart, the lion wants courage, and the scarecrow wants a brain. Little did they know, when the wizard gave them their goals in the end, they had already learned each of those things along
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For example, Mulan had a goal of becoming a warrior in a time where other people told her to give up, but the determination and drive she had to achieve her goal, eventually was what made her achieve it. However, she faced a hardship like no other woman in her time. Achieving her goal was the most crucial point. She got stronger, smarter, and overall became the best of them all. Her journey is what made her into the woman she became. If Mulan had not been through what she had, and the goal instantly handed to her. She would not have been as wise, nor as strong, and less developed as a character. The journey is what made this impact. Moreover, the journey in reaching a goal is most important in learning important life skills. Citizens finishing their college education or getting a job, they don’t learn hard work, time management, organization, and other important life skills by having goals handed to them. It is the journey in which these crucial lessons and values are
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