Journey In Richard Wagamese's Indian Horse

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Through the Medicine Wheel, we are reminded of our lifelong journey that is continuous upon birth and living through youth, adulthood and senior years. In Richard Wagamese’s Indian Horse, the protagonist Saul experiences many obstacles which shape and develop his character. Saul’s life can be divided into more than the four stages of life to better understand his journey.
Saul’s Life with His Family The time Saul was able to spend with his family was very short due to the effects of the white men. The time spend together was filled with pain and loss because of the firm hold of the residential schools. Saul was able to learn the history and beliefs of his people taught to him by his grandmother, Naomi, despite the lack of hope in his family.
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In Saul’s return, he is acceptant of his truth and past willing to forgive and continue the path towards wholeness. In his return, Saul experiences spiritual development. While visiting the place of his people, God’s Lake, Saul is visited by his family and Ojibway people. Saul says, “Benjamin. My grandmother, with my Grandfather Solomon. My Mother and father… I stood on the edge of the cliff with my pouch and eagle feather fan and my family stood around the fire in the trees looking up at me (205).” This encounter reminds Saul that he is not alone and will always be connected to his people through faith. Furthermore, the symbol of tobacco particles represents Saul and his forgiveness to the ones who have wronged him in life. Saul states, “I took a pinch of the tobacco from the pouch and held it up to the evening star… I cried in great heaving gasps. I let myself mourn (205).” This is Saul’s emotional development because after many years of rage and emptiness, he is able to express his true emotions such as sorrow. Saul has allowed his self to beginning the journey to wholeness and rebirth having confronted his past and made peace. Saul’s return ends the vicious hold the white men held on him for numerous
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