Journey In The Book Thief

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Journey is the act of physically or emotionally moving from one place to another for self-discovery that involves obstacles, challenges and consequences to an individual’s physical, intellectual and psychological development. They offer life-changing experiences and obstacles that motivate an individual to achieve their life goals and develop as a person at the end. The major themes of journey occurred in Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief are the power of words, relationship and experience over the arrival. Therefore, there’s no doubt that the characters are emotionally stronger at the end of the novel than they were at the beginning.

Words are extremely valuable and powerful in The Book Thief as it assists a character’s intellectual development.
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They have the power to assist or obstruct an individual on embarking a journey. The narrator has used relationship as a way of getting assistance for the characters and as a way of improving themselves as a person at the end. Liesel forms deep, life-changing relationships with a number of people when she moves to Himmel Street. Her relationships with certain characters has allowed her to incite and assist the inner journey she embark in the novel, thus allowing her to change and grow as a more mature and emotionally stronger individual. Hans Hubermann is a notable source of assistance on her journey throughout the text. For example, during Liesel's nightmares, Death told us that "possibly the only good to come of these nightmares was that it brought him into the room." Hans was also the one who introduced Liesel on “How to role a cigarette” as a way to adjust herself to her new home and to strengthen the bonding of her and her foster father. Hans also assist her on educating on how to read which later aids her on writing a story at the end of the novel. Through him, she was able to develop herself as a more intellectual person in the end of the novel. Another example of this would be the relationship between Liesel and Ilsa Hermann. Ilsa provides Liesel with her enormous library, which help her improve her capability and knowledge on literacy. Near the end of the novel Ilsa said to Liesel, “You can certainly…show more content…
Furthermore, the collective experiences a character gained as a result of undertaking a journey are more important and valuable as it gave them the intellectual and emotional strength throughout the course of the novel. In conclusion, The Book Thief explores the idea that a journey, whether they are inner, physical or imaginative, experienced by the characters has resulted them into a more intellectual, emotional and mature person at the end of the novel than they were at the
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