Journey Never Ends In Homer's Odyssey

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According to Alexander Volkov a UFC fighter “Your journey never ends. Life has a way of changing ideas in incredible ways” this explains more about how a person can succeed when that person is on a journey,their destination isn’t the success that a person has to make the decision of success to make they want to go on this voyage. This is showing how your journey never ends even if she gives up, but if they give up now life will not change and bring new incredible ways of new journeys. Also this is showing how if she fights for life that they could succeed even though they have fought for their whole life and even if she really wants to give up, don’t give up because your life has so much more adventure in it that she can create new ways of succeeding on these adventures and when she dies that’s where your journey stops and becomes your destination.…show more content…
In the poem The Odyssey by Homer Odysseus and a whole crew that are on a ship are setting out to go find their home land which is Ithaka. On their journey they have to overcome these obstacles in the way such as Cyclops’, angry Poseidon, and Laestrygonians. When they are on their journey they come to an island which is filled with cyclops’ and the waves that angry Poseidon created blew Odysseus’ ship onto the cyclops’ land. Him and twelve other men went to go tour the island and they came to a cave and went inside, but they didn’t know it was home to a bunch of cyclops’. “If I kill him we perished there as well, for we could never move his ponderous doorway slab aside. So we left to groan and wait till morning” (Homer 250). This explains how the journey matters more than the destination because in life a person has to take choices to stay alive. In the poem The Cyclops Odysseus made a choice not to kill the caveman and wait to see what he had to
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