Journey Of Literacy

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Definition of Literacy
This report is to show the effects literacy has on one 's life. We are to define not only our own background of literacy but a partner 's experiences through life that had an impact on their literacy. At a young age, we begin learning to read and write. This allows us to grow and gain skills in classes and in everyday life. It can be used as a term for a subject you enhance in, description of education or a form of expression. Without literacy, we could not communicate, read or write. This journey of literacy extends our entire lifetime and is constantly changing and getting better when we learn new things. My partner was Brittany; her literacy has affected her life from childhood up until today to make her who she is
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He grew up not paying attention in class and getting into trouble. He felt like a constant target for is illiteracy. Once in jail, he had gotten ahold of a university textbook and began teaching himself. I’d say that I am also still in that phase where I am learning to read and write because I know I am not perfect at it. In that way, I relate to C.H. Knoblauch’s article “Literacy and the Politics of Education.” One of the sections in this reading was about personal growth and called the “Liberal argument.” I definitely believe I have a lot more room to focus on and learn more about literacy. In papers, I need to work on my wording of things and getting better at sounding professional. Not only am I growing but I also consider myself to still be learning the basics of literacy. Knoblauch calls that the “Functionalist argument.” Each argument refers to different learning targets and how people learn. When looking at this I do agree that schooling has a lot to do with this; I attended what Jean Anyon would call a “Middle-Class School.” These schools are said to be focused only on obtaining the right answer and then moving to the next subject. Each school she

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