Journey Of Saul In Wagamese's Indian Horse

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The Emotional Journey of Saul in Wagamese’s Indian Horse Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese is undoubtedly captivating and entertaining. Even so, a close scrutiny of the novel reveals the novelist’s careful development of Saul’s character not only with the aim of capturing the journey he embarks on, but also linking his journey to the theme of suffering. Thus, rather than presenting a static character, Wagamese chooses to present a dynamic character whose emotional state evolves over time as he goes through various crises in his life. Saul goes through an emotional journey that is marked by pain, isolation, loneliness and fear, numbness and resignation, excitement, a relapse to isolation, and freedom, and this journey builds on the theme of suffering. Saul’s emotional journey begins with pain as a result of the loss of family members. Saul loses his sister Rachel first and this initiates the series of loses because Benjamin is also taken away and he is admitted into the residential school. Later, Saul loses Benjamin to death as a result of tuberculosis, and thereafter Saul loses his parents to alcohol because his father and uncle return home with, “the white man with them in brown bottles”…show more content…
Hockey arouses Saul’s interest in doing something fulfilling once more. He develops a sense of purpose. The narrator states, “Father Leboutilier brought me hockey books and answered all my questions. His passion for the game was contagious” (Wagamese 58). Thus, hockey gives Saul the chance to start healing emotionally. Saul states, “In the spirit of hockey I believed I had found community, a shelter and a heaven from everything bleak and ugly in the world” (Wagamese 90). Thus, hockey serves as an escape route for all the emotional turmoil that Saul has gone through, and he uses the hockey spirit as a tool to facilitate his healing
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