Journey Of The Maji Poem Analysis

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Most of the time there are topics that can have multiple means, because well, people interpret things in many different ways. So having poems with biblical illusions would be nothing new; in fact it has been around for centuries. The only thing is you shouldn’t be quick to think that each poem that uses biblical illusion would be about the same things. Each poem could clearly mention the bible but at the same time have almost nothing in common because there are so many ways to interpret it, or even manipulate the stories to tell a different one. If you take and look at three very famous, well written poems you will be able to see that even though all use biblical illusions to tell their stories, they almost have nothing in common. The first…show more content…
The poem Journey of the Maji by T.S. Elliot talks about well, the Journey of the Maji, however it is not talked about in the same sense that it usually is. Instead of the typical idea of it being some amazing journey that is worth it all, it talks about it in a darker sense. He talks about how it was the worst time of the year because of the freezing weather, as well as the lack of shelter, lack of fire, hostile cities, and the extremely high prices. By the end of the stanza, they start to question whether or not the whole journey and the effort they made was worth it. As the journey continued and dawn comes, things start to look brighter, literally. The journey now seems to be coming around and by evening they find what they were looking for, and not a moment too soon, and once they got there it was satisfactory. Then it is shown that he is looking back on a memory and he says that if he could relive it, he would. He asks himself is the journey was for birth or death, and how yes there was a birth, but it was different, it wasn’t like a normal birth. They had to suffer in order to see it and in the end after they had longed returned to their kingdoms, he was glad it was like his death because it was worth being able to go through it

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