Journey To Save Jediism Analysis

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Nicholas’ Journey To Save Jediism. The year is 2181 and the United States has become a Pastafarian nation only. We don’t allow Jediism, and if you follow it you won’t get included in things, like voting and they aren’t allowed to travel. A boy, named Nicholas observes how different people act and how they live as they follow different religions. We try to ignore them and allow them to live in the same area and talk to each other. They think it is bad to follow a different religion and they want it to end now. Everyone lives with whomever they would like and wherever they’d like. They can wear whatever they want, talk however they’d like, and work wherever they would want to. They think everything is great, but what they don’t know can hurt…show more content…
“Look at what you’re are doing, you are decreasing our population. You are making kids upset because you’re taking away their friends and family just because they follow a different religion and believe in different things than you. Everyone has a right to believe in what they think is right, I think you should let all of those people come back, give them back their old life, the one they want and used to have. “
The men looked surprised that he was actually saying that because he was Pastafarian and they couldn’t do anything about it.
“ The man has a point.” said some of the workers.
“Yeah this whole time kinda made me wonder if we were doing this for everyone or just our boss.” responded another.
“I don’t think he’s right, I think what we’re doing is perfectly fine.”
“ And why’s that?”
“We watch them, how they react to their new home and how they were here. We see the difference, plus I don’t think they should’ve ever been here.” “That is also how you think they feel you don’t realize that they all didn’t like how you treated them. You guys hurt them, made them feel like they were nothing, then you kicked them
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