Journey To The West Summary

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The original text is Journey to the West written by Cheng’en Wu in the Ming dynasty. The Journey to the West is one of the Four Classics, it created a romantic world mixed with the reality, describing the stories of the Monkey king’s uproar in the Heaven, and the Tang Monk journey to the West for begging Buddhist sutra to bring it back to China for eliminating pain of the publics. It will be a TV show, and the main clew of the story is about an anti-corruption 5-members group organized by the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCPCCDI), targets to tour for anti-corruption movement. It will be partial faithful to the original text, similar with its linear narrative structure and characteristics but will absolutely reverse all sequences to flashback to show the possible ideas that implied within the original text, and the details well be demonstrated in the following paragraphs.
The original text was written in the linear narrative
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Comrade Sun, is adapted from the Monkey King whose religious name is Walkman Sun, his characteristic is righteous, hate evil as enemy, strong ability, loyalty to leader, the difference is the original one is pro-freedom (critics to feudalism) the adapted one is pursuing rule of law (anti-corruption). The leader, comrade Tang, incompetent but have guanxi to become leader, only obey leaders words, which can be understood as Buddha sutras in the original text, finally betray comrade Sun. Comrade Zhu is the Pig, lust and gluttony, and lazy. Comrade Sha is ordinary and the white horse is the driver, their role is similar to the original text. The corrupted officials is monster, suppress publics for their own interest, in the original text, monsters usually eat ordinary people. Upper leaders similar to the immortals in the original text, having strong power to save their relatives. CCPCCDI adapted from the Buddha and court adapted from the
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