Journey Vs Marching Band Essay

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Which is more important, the road or the destination? We find ourselves constantly pondering this question, sometimes leading us to different justifications. Some people will argue that it’s the end result, not how you climbed the ladder to the top. Others will say that it doesn’t matter where you end, as long as the journey is what stands out to you as the best part. As a part of something like the Pride, I feel that the journey is what is more important. In marching band, we have many all-day practices, giving up our summer days, as draining as it is, it’s where many of my fondest memories come from. Learning a show and performing a little more every week at football games is an indefinable experience.There are times when you want to do…show more content…
Louis, we perform all we have at that point which isn’t much seeing as it’s early in the season. Before state rolls around, we spend much time fixing and working out the issues we faced in Super Regionals, while adding on to the show. By the end, when Grand Nationals come around, we have no more left to add, just reviewing and touching up the show. Participating in Grand Nationals is an exciting experience. Starting when we leave the high school, all the way to giving our last performance, I never know what to feel. Different emotions lather me the entire trip. Realizing that this is easily the last time I will ever hear the band behind me and see the pit in front, it’s hard to contain my emotions. In the end, everything’s worth it. Every late practice and the restless night pay off when you find something you deeply love and leave everything you have on a football field. After our finals run, I was content with what we had given to the crowd. Not putting in full effort, it would just be another performance but, because everyone gives their all, we give everything we can. Whether that was good or bad to the judges, the crowd, the directors, or even our parents, we know we did the best we could. That’s what counts. The journey of how you got to this point. Not where you place on a score sheet, but the story of what you’ve done to get
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