Journey With God Reflection Paper

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This book brings to the world wisdom of Wisdom, and understanding of Understanding.
Greetings beloved, in the beginning of this fascinating wonderful journey with God I was what would be considered a heathen to the religious minded folk. Nevertheless, I was always with God and God with me since birth. In the beginning, it all became apparent to me in the summer of 2004, the Lord has came to me and he appointed, anointed, and commanded me to dwell with the people, be a beacon of light for God’s name sake. Good commanded me to allow him to dwell within me so that he could see what I see and feel what I feel and acknowledge what I acknowledge through the eyes of a human, through my eyes, through my heart. Then he pro-compelled and propelled me to enter into his wilderness and he began to teach me and he taught me.
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I had surrendered everything to God, I was feeling like I had remained in the wilderness longer than Moses, and the Hebrew children, but I was there with God instructing me and revealing things of life to pass along though those who choose life. I learned that fasting and praying at all times would deliver me all the way. Afterwards, the journey that God assigned me the task of is so vast that I decided that I would explain in writing of my experience with him and to deliver to the world his messages of salvation, as well as, an open door free of charge to the Holy Grace of GOD. There’s healing for the sick of mind and soul, for the misguided, disenfranchised, resented, repented, different, and the

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