Joy And Love In The Kite Runner

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“‘For you a thousand times over!’” (Pg. 67) Amir and Hassan had just won the kite running tournament in Afghanistan. This scene is a picture of true joy, and it shows the bond and love that Hassan and Amir have for one another. We see in this scene that the kite running is a time of joy and partnership between Amir and Hassan. The kites are a symbol of hope and love in The Kite Runner, and it is used to symbolize the relationship between the characters. The kite running tournament was a huge event in Afghanistan. All of the kids participated, even if they had to make their own kites. The kids would pick a spot in the town, and launch their kites into the sky. The goal of the tournament was to be the last kite flying. You accomplished this by cutting the other kid's kites with your kite string. It was almost a rite of passage to participate in the kite tuning tournament. After you would cut a kite, you would then run the kite, meaning you would try and find where the kite would land, so you could keep it. The running of the kite was as equally important to the actual flying of the kites. At the end of the kite running season, you would see all the kids comparing their scars on their hands…show more content…
The relationship that Sohrab and Amir develop is like the friendship and brotherhood that Amir had with Hassan. Amir throughout the book goes through many life struggles, and eventually has to deal with them. This is true for everyone, because at some point or another, everyone is going to face a dilemma where that right choice is the hard one. Amir has these all throughout his life, but finally decides to take the right path when he rescues Sohrab. The Kite Runner deals with many true struggles, and gives real life evidence of how Afghanistan is today. If we all took advice from Hassan, with his easy smile and unfailing love, the people of the world would greatly benefit from
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