Joy And Peace In Believing Analysis

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I have experienced a lot of things throughout my sixteen years of life. I have had days filled of joy and days filled of many sorrows. So when it came to picking a poem I could relate to and write about, I choose a poem on the uplifting side. I choose a poem titled “Joy and Peace in Believing” by John Newton. The poem is about the joy and what we have to look forward to when believing in God. John Newton expresses how God provides for his followers even in our weakest days and how he will praise and thank him for everything. John Newton starts off the poem by saying “sometimes a light surprises the Christian while he signs” In my mind I could imagine being in a filled church singing my heart out and just feeling like it was just me and God in the church. When a song really hits me, I feel like this is the light that John Newton is talking about. When I…show more content…
A season of clear shining, to cheer it after rain.” When Newton is saying these lines it makes me remember the bad times in my life or the times that haven’t gone so well. It makes me think about how even in my tough times and the worst parts about my life, God is there with me through it all. God is a forgiving God and he will lift us up when we are down and will make us the happy people that he created us to be. When Newton says “A season of clear shining to cheer it after rain” he is saying that God is going to make you happy once more after your bad times are in the past and you are moving forward with him. I can relate this to a major event in my life. When I had to get brain surgery it was a time of “rain” in my life but I put all of my faith in God and then he blessed me with the season of clear shining after. This clear shining season is that a piece of my tumor the doctors couldn't get out hasn't grown in about two years. I am a strong believer that if you put all of your trust in God he will provide and take care of
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