Joy Luck Club Analysis

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The Joy Luck Club was a very hard read for me. I did not follow or comprehend what I was reading most of the time and I’m not going to lie, I had to Shmoop most of it. After getting through the whole book I appreciate the message between mothers and daughters that it is trying to convey but I still did not enjoy the book to its full extent. I did not enjoy the book for two reasons, its sequencing, and the fact that I did not relate to most of it but I did enjoy how real it was. The first reason I hate the Joy Luck Club was the sequencing of the book. I am a very analytical person and the book hopping from one story to another is really confusing to me. For example, in Lena’s section called “Rice Husband”, Lena and her mother are talking about the broken table and Lena says “I knew it would happen.” and her mother replieds with “Then why didn’t you stop it?” and Lena ends by saying in her head “And it’s such a simple question.” (165) . I feel as if Lena’s story, like all the others, gets left unfinished and I wish the author would’ve wrote the specific girls story all at once and not periodically. The book then jumps to Waverly’s story and expects the reader to remember what kind of relationship her and her mother have. Waverly states, “I have taken my mother out to lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant, in hopes of putting her in a good mood, but it was a disaster.” (166). Her last story before this one is on page 1 89. For a person who does not follow this book well it
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