Joy Luck Club Symbolism Analysis

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*My name is Saleen Nelson and I chose to do my presentation on Symbolism in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club *I chose to do my IOP on The Joy Luck Club because it was the most interesting book to me out of all the ones we read and I was intrigued by the symbolism in every chapter. *Symbols are things that can be images, ideas, words etc. Symbols are used everyday to get a point across to others. In The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan uses symbols in every chapter she writes. Her copious use of symbols makes each chapter of the book more captivating. The three main symbols that I talk about are the white Bible, An-Mei’s scar, and The red candle. *So for my project I decided to do a painting in chinese symbols. I painted the background in watercolor because chinese watercolor paintings are very popular. I used the colors red and gold similar to the cover of the book. *In chapter two, An-Mei’s “Scar” is the symbol for the story. A tragic event happened when An-Mei or (Mei-Mei) was nine years old. Popo (An-Mei 's grandmother) and An-Mei’s mother are fighting in the kitchen about Mei-Mei and who she should live with. While fighting Mei-Mei’s mother goes to reach for her but instead accidentally pours hot soup on to Mei-Mei’s neck. Causing a severe burn to form over time. Popo thinks the burn is going to kill An-Mei so she kicks her mother out of the house. Once An-Mei grows old we learn her meaning of the scar. For An-Mei the scar resembles how her mother hurt her and left, making
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