Joy March Character Analysis

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Little Women is a literary classic that is full of unique and complex characters, each with their own distinctive personalities. One of the more well known characters is Josephine “Jo” March. Jo is considered to be infamous due to her nasty animosity which she has difficulty controlling. Throughout the story, Jo struggles to handle this turbulent anger; an anger which causes her to make many mistakes. In chapter 8 of the novel, Jo’s anger leads her to make a mistake which not only affects her, but also her younger sister Amy. While Jo might’ve learned her lesson in the end, it didn’t save Amy from being hurt by her older sister’s petulance. One of the main topics this book focuses on is the dynamic between the four sisters. Jo and Amy are…show more content…
When Laurie announces that the ice in the middle of the lake isn’t good to skate on, Amy doesn’t hear him. Jo lets her anger control her in that moment and doesn’t warn Amy. “Jo glanced over her shoulder, and the little demon she was harboring said in her ear… ‘No matter whether she heard or not, let her take care of herself.’” Jo’s resolution allows Amy to skate towards the center of the lake, where the simple matter of cause and effect play out, and Amy falls into the freezing waters below the too thin ice. Luckily Jo and Laurie are able to get Amy out and back home. Once Amy has fallen asleep, Jo talks to their mother about what had happened, and admits that she let her anger get the better of her. Mrs. March talks to Jo about her temper and the consequences of her actions. “‘Don’t cry so bitterly, but remember this day, and resolve with all your soul that you will never know another like it, Jo, dear, we all have our temptations, some are far greater than yours, and it often takes all our lives to conquer them.’” Jo is able to realize her errors thanks to her mother, and finally allows herself to forgive Amy. Little Women is a coming of age story that tells the tale of four sisters living their lives during the Civil War. Each sister is shown to make mistakes, but also learn and grow from those mistakes. Jo March, the second oldest March sister, is the headstrong girl whose anger
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