Joy Newsome Movie Analysis

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The movie revolves around Joy Newsome (Ma), a woman in her mid-20s and Jack. The story begins when Joy was 17 years old, walking on the street. This is where she meets a man called Old Nick (his real name is not mentioned in the movie). Old Nick asks for Joy’s help, telling her that her dog is sick and asks her to help him in his “backyard”. Joy is tricked and Old Nick successfully kidnaps Joy and makes her his prisoner, although his motive is unclear regarding his deed. Joy is locked in a shed behind Old Nick’s house; no windows to look outside, but a skylight (window attached on a roof), which is unreachable.
Not long after the kidnapping, presumably, Joy is raped by Old Nick. Joy then gave birth to Jack. Jack grew up in the shed without ever
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These things make her think of how abnormally raises Jack and regrets all of the things that she has done to Jack, resulting in her worrying about Jack’s future, fearing that she might have somehow ruined Jack. She attempted a suicide because she has an enormous sense of guilt done to Jack.
Joy often shows sympathy instead of empathy as she is emotionally attached most of the time. Many scenarios show her crying when Jack is in distress or when they are in a stressful situation. One of the best examples is when she attempts suicide. Her guilt-brought depression involves emotion regarding the ways she raises Jack. Her attempt in suicide clearly shows that she is emotionally involved and caused her to be emotional, resulting in depression and a suicide attempt.
Although it is not Joy who is displaying empathy, one honorable mention is when Jack cuts his hair and says it will give strength to “Ma” when she is taken away after her suicide attempt. This scene shows strong empathy as Jack understands how Joy feels regarding the situation and decided to help instead of being emotionally
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