Joyas Voladoras Summary

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Mia North Mrs. Asselin Language Arts 6/7 10 Mar, 2016 Respect Your Heart The article “Joyas Voladoras” by Brian Doyle is about the hearts of hummingbirds, whales and people. He talks about how our hearts and lives are beautiful and unique. You should respect your life because you only have one so live to the fullest. Right off the bat, Doyle talks about how beautiful and unique hummingbirds are, “Joyas Voladoras, flying jewel… for hummingbirds came into the world only in the Americas…”(p.29, l.5-8). In saying that hummingbirds only came to the Americas is pretty much saying that hummingbirds are unique and we should respect their lives. When he says flying jewel he means that hummingbirds are beautiful just like the gems and jewels that
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