Joyce Carol Oates Character Analysis

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A settings role in English fictional writing
Setting is often used in English literature to convey when and where the action is taking place in a story (Mays ,253). Descriptive settings helps the reader more clearly understand the thoughts and emotions of the protagonist. A setting is also known to convey the protagonist’s personality, morals and even help decipher the theme of the story (Mays, 253). Sometimes the themes of fictional writings can often seem to be ambiguous to the reader, which is why settings are helpful in fictional writings. A well-developed setting often is able to grab the reader’s attention and keep them interested through out the story. In Joyce carol Oates fictional story “where are you going where have you been” the
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She sat on the edge of her bed, bare foot, and listened for an hour and half to a program called XYZ Sunday Jamboree, record after record of hard, fast, shrieking songs she sang along with, interspersed by exclamations from Bobby King: An look here, you girls at Napoleons son and charley want you to pay real close attention to this song coming up. (317)
The “hard, fast, shrieking songs” gives the feeling of Connie’s good mood at the time and her lack of awareness of her life changing event coming up. The music also gives of the feeling of her being happy and peaceful in her home feeling safe as she should in ones abode. It seems as if the joyous music helped her zone out the outside world and all its injustices. This long duration of her listening to these songs also seemed to play a key role in her not paying attention to surroundings as she listened intently to what song selection would be next. The reader at this point was left wondering what would happen next from this scene would her joyous time be ruined by great hiatus or would she simply keep enjoying her alone
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