Joyce Spakman Film Techniques

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Joyce Spakman is a true artist. She experiments with makeup in a way never before seen. Though she's only 23 years old, she has already been experimenting with makeup for almost a decade. Her eery makeovers are so realistic that they will make you think you've been transported inside a Tim Burton film. Check them out for yourself below! Number Ten: Bird's Nest. Here, Spakman uses beautiful colors to depict a whimsical portrait on a model. The details in her hair are beyond amazing. Number Nine: Winter Wonderland. If this doesn't get you in the mood for winter, then nothing will. Those highlights on her cheeks and nose are Kardashian-level skill. Numbers Eight and Seven: Dead Dolls. Nothing says "I'm a talented makeup artist who will also haunt your dreams" like these photos of makeup…show more content…
The makeup to make the model's skin look rough and ragged probably took hours. Numbers Five and Four: Crazy Cleopatra and Alien Princess. Cleopatra on the left is really not playing around. She's gorgeous, a little creepy, and totally ready to get down to business. Cleo on the right, however, is a little more futuristic-looking, like Natalie Portman's character in Star Wars. We'd be happy dressed as either, to be honest. Number Three: Bionic Human. Like a creature out of the netherworld, this makeover is beautiful and strange. The eyes are what really pulls the entire getup together. Number Two: Jaws of Death. This makeup trick was discovered before Halloween of this year, but Spakman pulls it off effortlessly here. The model is both jaw-droppingly scary and gorgeous. Number One: Mesmer-Eye-Zing. Perhaps the creepiest of them all, this makeup takes the human proportions and stretches it beyond the imagination. Not only do her eyes look completely unnatural, but she also appears to be staring blankly at...well, what? What in the world is she looking at? We'll be fine as long as she doesn't turn to look at
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