Joyriding: Causes And Consequences Of Teenage Driving

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Slide Two : The first risk I will be looking at is joyriding. Joyriding is defined as taking a car out for a ride without the vehicle owner 's permission. These are usually full of danger as the cars go very fast, beyond the speed limit. This is mainly done by juveniles, thus proving how dangerous they are, as they could have no idea how to drive. The causes highlighted for this problem are highlighted : Can be caused by peer pressure. As you try to fit in and do whatever they deem “cool” Done for the adrenalin rush and enjoyment of the high speed. As an act of defiance towards one 's parents or society 's views. Thinking it is just a fun activity and not as dangerous as something like drug abuse or underage sex Due to not knowing the difference between right and wrong, as many don’t know the risks involved. Slide Three : The impacts this has on the one doing the activity and bystanders are severe. Not only does the effects of joyriding incidents have an impact on the person committing the act, it also impact those around them at the time of the incident, as well as their family and friends and others affected by the incident (another car hit and those inside). Studies show most joy-riders are juvenile. This is bad, as that means most out of control high speed cars are at the hands of a teenager who doesn’t know how to react in the situation he/she is put in. The Following are some impacts this has : Possible death of passengers, bystanders, driver and, if another car was

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