Jozi's Footwear Case Study

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Background / Overview
Jozi Shoes is a footwear company which specializes in casual shoes, apparel gear. Our market segment are men, women and children alike. We sell our products to retail stores and distributors across the African continent, with a focus on Kenya, Namibia, Swaziland, and Nigeria. Our products can also be purchased online at Jozi Flair is a new line of studded canvas shoes of Jozi Shoe and will be launched under the “Walking to your own authenticity” campaign.

The concept of studded apparel comes from the 1970s. According to, this was a sign of rebellion and a statement of unconformity to a typical stereotype. Since then, the style has seen many fashion revivals. This particular campaign emphasize the
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Their busy lifestyle demands the need for an everyday, any day, casual kind of shoe, which Jozi shoe will provide. The most compelling fact about this audience is its diverse representative of the SA population and the campaign is talking to a "multicultural" audience. This line is also a unisex range, it appeals to the diverse and cosmopolitan lifestyle of our target audience.

Geographic traits: Gauteng, Durban, Cape Town, PE, East London, and Polokwane.
Psychographic traits: Jozi Shoes’ psychographics are multicultural and vibrant tech savvy/high paced lifestyle people who live “casual” lifestyles and care about their style and appearance. They are fashionable and easily influenced by the entertainment industry. Their psychographics attitudes include being artistic and having their own style. They are free from boundaries and limitations with an unlimited online
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The Jozi Flair are fashionable, customizable and the only appealing canvas that combines outstanding durability with increased comfort and style. Jozi Fair customers prefer the ‘trendy and hip” look and our promise is to offer a brand that will complement this target market and their edgy attitude. The shoe is made of “proudly South African” materials, comes in all colours, and has distinct details and a sleek design. Jozi Flair also comes in a high and low top version and customers can change features on the shoe like the colour and materials. Our target customers like their shoes to tell a story and like to feel authentic and comfortable in their skin. The high quality materials of our shoes do not easily wear down or break apart. The shoes look good with everything and the price is reasonable compared to our competitors. They are described as both a casual and statement shoe and come with extra studs in case a few fall off. These studs are not sharp or dangerous. They also have cushioned soles and support to prevent blisters on the

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