Jozui's Argument Analysis: Celebrity Advertising

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Jozui in her passage argues that celebrity marketing is very misleading on the product they are trying to selling and insults the intelligence of the consumers. Jozui supports her argument by first explaining that not everyone is gonna buy the newest car because a well-known “talk-show host is paid to pretend to drive one”, or because Katy Perry uses Proactiv to clean her face. She continues by providing illustrations of what most commercials look like now a days. The author’s purpose is to inform the consumers that celebrities should stop being the way to sell a product in order to stop the indignity of the audience’s intelligence. The author establishes an objective tone towards the advertising company. Jozui’s statement regarding that celebrities should not be participating in commercials because it is defrauding of the purchasers intelligence is acknowledging true.
In confutation, big businesses use celebrities to make more money but not everyone buys the product for the celebrity. To support this, Jozui states, “The audience is expected to transfer approval of the celebrity to approval of the product” to show that many people only get a product with the
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To prove this statement I once bought a laptop skin online that a celebrity was using and when the product arrived it was a giant sticker for the front of my laptop. Credibility is a huge thing for producers because to know that when they buy their product and it works then the consumer is willing to buy this product again or even tell their friends about it. Zendaya was endorsing Proactiv X-Out and my friend bought it thinking it would work and it did nothing and now she doesn’t buy anything from Zendaya or Proactiv. Credibility hurts both the producers of a product and the celebrity endorsing

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