Jpc Accounting Manual Summary

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1.1.1 Scope of the Manual
The manual deals with all accounting and bookkeeping procedures of The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre (JPBC) (thereafter). It does not deal with personnel, administrative, or promotional and operation activities. The manual only deals with the accounting issues associated with such matters.

1.1.2 General
The purpose of the JPBC Accounting Manual is to state the accounting policies and procedures adopted by the JPBC’s management. It is the JPBC practice to produce accounts at monthly, quarterly, or annual intervals which reflects the activity /reporting structure. The monthly and quarterly accounts produced at various levels. So, those who are responsible for each level provided with the financial information needed to manage the
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Adult Physiotherapy Dept.
3. Inclusive School
4. Sheltered Workshop
5. General Management / Administrative Operations (incl. Human Resources, Procurement, Guarding, housekeeping, Kitchen, maintenance, & Admissions office)
6. Finance Dept.
7. Programs Department

The cost center level is the lowest organization unit “accounting center” and all transactions are recorded on that level. Throughout the JPBC there is a common chart of account, included in this manual, which identifies: income, expenditure, asset or liability within each department. Excluding the fixed assets, for those all charged to the general management cost center. Compliance with stated procedures is mandatory, except concerning special agreements with the General Director and the Board of General Directors that should be in writing (paragraphs

1.1.1 The Manual
This Manual divided into three main segments “parts”:
Part Number One, dealing with the accounting matters and includes six chapters respectively focusing upon; Overview, payment, expenses, income & funds, payroll, bank accounts, and fixed assets.
Part Number Two, dealing with the Donor accounting.
Part Number Three (Separate), dealing with the Internal control
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