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My first thought when I think of JROTC are; responsibility,teamwork,and leadership. A lot of people think JROTC is bad and think they wouldn’t like the class but as the years or days go on some start to like the class.The purpose of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizen.JROTC can teach you a lot throughout like such as responsibility and leadership.I personally think JROTC is to educate high schoolers and other young people in the world.I think JROTC can help people that have bad attitude/temper get their life on the right track. The United States Army Junior Reserve Officers ' Training Corps (JROTC) came into being with the passage of the National Defense Act of 1916. Under the provisions of the Act, high schools were authorized the loan of federal military equipment and the assignment of active duty…show more content…
Once looked upon primarily as a source of enlisted recruits and officer candidates, it became a citizenship program devoted to the moral, physical and educational uplift of American youth. The program continues its military structure and the result ability to infuse in its student cadets a sense of discipline and order, it shed most of its early military content. The study of citizenship, communications, leadership, life skills and other subjects to prepare young men and women to take their place in adult society.More recently, an improved student centered curriculum focusing on character building and civic responsibility is being presented in every JROTC classroom. JROTC is going to continue being successful.From the beginning of 6 units in 1916, JROTC has expanded to 1645 schools today and to every state in the nation and American schools overseas. Cadet enrollment has grown to 281,000 cadets with 4,000 professional instructors in the classrooms. Comprised solely of active duty Army retirees, the JROTC instructors serve as mentors developing the outstanding young citizens of our

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