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100 years of JROTC: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow What is JROTC, or Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps? JROTC is a class that is offered for four years during high school. Starting with Leadership Education Training or LET I. The class gives educational credits the same way any other elective classes in school give them. The class focuses on citizenship, teamwork, leadership and responsibilities. Being in JROTC is a great privilege. JROTC started in 1916 with the National Defense Act to help the United States prepare for World War I in 1917. Two levels of ROTC were created, Junior and Senior. Senior is the college and university program, their mission was to make officers for service in the Army. Junior is the high school program,…show more content…
Cadets are pushed to strive for success. In JROTC, there are different teams you can be on. Examples, drill team, riffle team, and color guard. All of the teams work extremely hard to win competitions and have a good time doing it. One day is designated for P.T. or Physical Training. During P.T., you learn how to properly exercise your body. Running, stretching, and marching are all parts of P.T.. Some days groups will do rifle P.T., which is basically carrying a rifle while running, stretching, and/or marching. In the future, I hope to see more JROTC programs around the United States. With more technology being in the class room, things could become easier. Hopefully more students will start joining into the classes and creating bigger programs and teams. With more people comes more activity. And with more activities, comes more awards. JROTC is a wonderful program in all. JROTC being in school is a great advantage. Having JROTC in school is good for the community and students. It not only teaches students to take responsibility, it teaches them how to respect and appreciate the things they have in their life. Hopefully this great program will advance and help more students in the near
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