Jsc Vs America

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Write a two page essay explaining how Jefferson State CC has helped you further your education and what are your plans when you complete your studies at JSCC. Being enrolled at Jefferson State Community College has helped me further my education since Fall 2015. Getting my education is very important if I want to be able to succeed in life. JSCC showed me how finding the time to fit my schedule is considered the best ways for me to get to my class. My past instructors goes into depth detail about what they are going to teach about for that day. Jefferson State Community College has helped me academically getting my education so I can sincerely pursue my major in the future time. College is a very big step to accomplishment in success …show more content…

What are my plans after I complete JSCC? Well that 's a good question because I have a goal. My goal is after I finish going to JSCC, I am planning on transferring from a two year college to a four year institution to finish another two years in a four year institution. I am majoring in elementary education. It takes four years to complete getting a bachelor 's degree. Like they always say the future is in my hands. Before I transfer to a four year institution of my choice I must first finish the requirements in JSCC. To me college is very important. In order for me to transfer I must have a 2.0 GPA. Being an elementary teacher means something to me and I will reach my goals to become an elementary teacher. A Lot of schools need more teachers’. The world needs teachers. Being a teacher will help students become more successful in their education. That 's why I want to become a teacher so I can help students understand the concepts of learning different material. That 's why it takes time and effort to finish a task from where you start. Thanks to JSCC I can take campus courses to help me take the classes I need to help me further my education, transfer to a four year institution, graduate with a bachelor 's degree and start my new life with a new career. I am proud to be a

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