Overcoming The Perils Of Life Essay

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The toils of life can break almost any man. Many throughout the ages have tried but failed to overcome them, instead bringing upon themselves their own self destruction rather than preservation. To persevere amidst these hardships one must learn to conquer his own weaknesses and misdoings. If this is so, then are not those men who have overcome the great perils of life most admirable? And do they not deserve respect of the foremost degree for their steadfastness? They do indeed! And yet the passing of time has so made it that these great men—though persevering in life—are eventually forgotten in death.
My goal for writing this paper is to teach people of one such man—to show others of the great hardships he faced, confronted,
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As a consequence to this, Anorciation and several of her relatives residing in the Cebu province changed their surname to Vaño before Juan was born. However, only the members of the Ibaño family within Cebu did this. The relatives outside kept the name. This is why Juan and his relatives are also referred to as Vaño- Ibaño. B. Initial Riches
Juan’s father Eleoterio was working a well-paying managerial position at the ship-building and repair company Gothong Lines, while his mother was a common housewife. Moreover, Eleoterio even owned a sizeable track of undeveloped land. During the first decade of Juan’s life, his family was known as one of the richest in his area. It was to an extent that Eleoterio was a popular lender, to whom even the local government would borrow money from. As a form of goodwill these lenders from the government would send birthday cakes to the family whenever it would be Eleoterio’s or Anorciation’s birthday. Even after Eleoterio’s death in 2010, the local government officials (the children and relatives of the former officials) still give birthday cakes to the family, this time to Juan and his wife Lucylin.
Birthday Cake from the Local Government to Lucylin Bonghanoy (Year
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