Juan Carlos Observation

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While on routine patrol on Main St. in the area of the One Stop Capt. Oneill and myself could hear a female screaming extremely loud. Her screams were so loud it caused individuals to direct their attention to the noise. Officers located the female and a hispanic male behind the One Stop in the unit block of North Market Street. They were in close proximity to each other and once making contact officers seperated the two detained the male and placed him in the rear of the patrol vehicle while we spoke with the female. The male had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath, red glassy blood shot eyes and had a staggered gait. The female said her boyfriend (babies daddy) just left the One Stop and they got in to an argument and nothing else. While speaking with the male I observed blood running from his nose. The female and male both refused to…show more content…
QUINJANO identified the male as Juan Carlos Olivares. I asked for his full name and she said his first name is Juan Carlos and his last name is Olivares. I asked for his full last name and she said that was it. Officers were aware from prior dealings and prior arrest involving the male that the name provided is either wrong or the name is provided previously was wrong. QUINJANO also stated she only has a single last name and supplied a date of birth for the male as 08/21/1988. I spoke with the male who identified himself as Carlos OLIVARES-VELAZQUEZ and he supplied a date of birth of 08/21/1988. He resides with QUIJANO and they have a child or children together. QUIJANO and OLIVARES-VELAZQUEZ were advised that he needs to respond to the warrant from the domestic violence arrest from several months ago or the next time contact is made he would be taken into custody and arraigned in front of a MDJ. They both acknowledge the warning and said they will respond to MDJ Kilker 's office in the

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