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Your Online Life, Permanent as a Tattoo
Juan Enriquez delivers a solid, serious-tone speech that is truly something to think about. Enriquez describes our personal social media posts as digital tattoos that could possibly stick around longer than we may live. Thereby, declaring that whatever we may post or share could be all we are remembered by long after we die. Enriquez uses ancient Greek stories to help us digest and understand what he is trying to explain. These Greek stories can be pathways to helping us understand how to deal with our new “digital tattoos”.

When looking at each part of delivery the three concepts that stuck out the most were the qualities of effectiveness, the physical and verbal delivery. Enriquez starts
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Enriquez establishes his oral style through his tone which is demonstrated every time he opens his mouth. His language of familiarity is displayed by his examples that relate to everyday life. Such as when he describes finding out what people are interested in by looking them up on social media (2.45). These make the examples easy to comprehend and relate to. Another example of this familiar language is when Enriquez discusses Orpheus and Eurydice. He calls Orpheus a wonderful and charming guy who is a great partier and signer (3.53). He is relating Orpheus to a guy we all know making it familiar to the audience, therefore easy to fathom. By using these familiar, relatable examples Enriquez is also making his points crystal clear to the audience which is essential to his oral style. Enriquez’s use of vivid techniques is prime to the language in this speech. He has excellent use of personification by stating that tattoos “shout” (0.29). Tattoos are images that have meanings no doubt, but they cannot physical shout. The use of this saying is shockingly vivid to the audience and provides a powerful definition. His use of metaphors is powerful as well. When describing how a picture in a bar can face recognize a stranger, he states that, “Everyone turns out to be absolutely plaster by electronic tattoos.”
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