Juan Ponce De Leon: Spaniard Conquistador And Explorer

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As we all know, Christopher Columbus set sail into the unknown in 1492. His efforts and findings sparked a time period of exploration, trade, colonization, and even new alliances. Years before, another explorer, although lesser-known was born. Their name was Juan Ponce de Leon.
Juan Ponce de Leon is a Spaniard conquistador and explorer. When he was younger, according to Linda Alchin “...de Leon came from a noble family and was well educated.” He also “...served as a page to Pedro Nunuz de Guzman at the Spanish court.” In the 1490’s, Ponce de Leon became a skilled warrior when he fought against the Moors for the benefit of Spain. After his warrior phase, de Leon travelled along with Columbus on his second voyage to Hispaniola in 1493. According
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