Juan Touya Analysis

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1978 Montevideo, Uruguay Juan Touya, the former head of nuclear medicine in Uruguay had just finished test results on a new study. All he needs to get is the results from one of his fellow doctors, so that he can get a paycheck for his team. He goes down to see him thinking all is good, but comes scared and afraid for his family 's life. A couple days ago another co-worker goes to down to see him. He is the second commander in the Guerilla movement in Uruguay. He is apart of the “Dirty War,” that is from Argentina and spread to Uruguay. After threatening Juan’s co-worker, Juan’s co-worker goes to the police. After he leaves the station his house is burned down. Juan has a decision has to face his biggest life choice. Unlike the United States,…show more content…
These families tend to live in the same city, in which family gatherings are around 30 people. No one in Juan’s had moved to the United States yet, and the pressure of disbanding such a tight knit family was immense. Later that day he calls all of his contacts. They range from Brazil, England, Germany, and the United States. He tries to find a new job that would enable him to move his family there. Juan had to consider all of the factors like being able to see his family or education for the kids. After merely deciding to go to Brazil, a good friend and professor at UCLA, John Bennett, offers a position as a professor at UCLA. In year 1968, Juan and his wife Clara along with their two children moved up to Los Angeles. Juan choose to move to the United States because he believed, “It possessed the best education and lifestyle for his kids.” UCLA put in a request for a green card for him, but in the meantime he had a h-2b visa. The guidelines for the h-2b are as stated, “There are not enough U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified, and available to do the temporary work” (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). After six months, they received a green card. The help of UCLA he gained a green card in a third of the time
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