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Juana Barraza is a serial killer in Mexico. She was born on December 27, 1958 in Hidalgo, Mexico. As a child she had a thought life. Her mother Justa Samperio an alcoholic woman would exchange her to a man called Jose Lugo for a couple of beer. Barraza was sexually abuse; as a result she became a mother at the age of 13. After the death of her mother Juana went by herself and had three more children. In addition to this, by 1990’s she was a professional wrestler named La Dama Del Silencio after her personality. Although she was obsess with wrestler she had to give it up because of an injury. By the same token, after she retired from wrestler, she went and looked for old ladies that lived alone. Barraza would present herself as a nurse or …show more content…

As a child was she was by her father with Justa Samperio her mother. Justa was an alcoholic woman who mistreated and physical abuse Barraza. “One day her mother lost in his addiction and not having money, changed to Juana for three beers, allowing an older man molesting Juana and raping her. José Lugo was the man who tormented Juana over four years.” (Arcia, 2011). Barraza was sumitted to constant sexual abuse every time her mother ran out of money to buy beer. As a consequence, Juana became pregnate to a boy at the age of 13. These events spycological scar her for life. She blame her mother for evething and felt a great hatred towars Justa. In a final point, Juana had a different childhoold that a normal child, which consecuently mentally affect her life. To further emphasize, on this topic it is essential to analyzed Juana’s symptoms. Even though she was never diagnose with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) it is believed that she suffer from that illness. The reason to suppose this is because she killed her victims every twenty eight days. Juana would feel angry and became more aggressive during those days. She ould take her frustration on the old ladies and the only way she felt relief was to see the women suffer. Consequently, there is evidence that Barraza had PMDD but it was never detected by a

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